James Latham

1204 Whiskey Rd, Suite B
Aiken, SC 29803-4318
(803) 649-3456

Up & Atom Breakfasts

Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awarness Presents:

James Latham
Vice President, Barnwell Operations
Chem-Nuclear Systems

"Commercial Radioactive Waste Disposal in South Carolina"

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Newberry Hall
117 Newberry Street, SW
Aiken SC
7:30 a.m.

Mr. Latham has more than 35 years experience in project management, engineering, administration, and controls. He is experienced in public involvement and information, radioactive waste packaging, transportation and disposal, radioactive waste processing, remediation of radioactively contamination sites, industrial activity supervision and management, project personnel management, motivation and administration, and controlling budgets and resource allocation

All of the socially beneficial activities that use radioactive materials result in the production of low-level radioactive waste. These activities include electricity generation, biomedical and pharmaceutical research, manufacturing, and diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Chem-Nuclear's Barnwell, South Carolina, waste management facility is the only commercial Low-Level Radioactive Waste disposal facility in America that has operated without regulatory interruption. Since the disposal facility began operation in 1971, about 28 million cubic feet or 90% of the available disposal volume has been used.

Much of low-level radioactive waste looks like ordinary trash. It consists of contaminated wood, concrete, glass, metal, fabric, paper and resins. All waste accepted for disposal at the Barnwell facility is in a dry, solid form. No liquid waste is accepted for disposal. No toxic chemical waste or high-level radioactive wastes, such as spent fuel from nuclear reactors, are accepted at the disposal site.

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