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January, 2003

"A Perspective: ANS and the Future of Nuclear Power in the United States"

Guest Speaker: Larry R. Foulke
President/President-Elect, American Nuclear Society

The remarks will address the good news about nuclear technology in the United States today and review the current barriers to building the next new nuclear power plant by the year 2010.

There are logical and compelling reasons to build new nuclear capacity in this country. However, despite excellent performance, despite an energy source with so many benefits, and despite the benefits of abundant energy, no nuclear plants have been ordered in the United States in the last 25 years. Why?

Foulke will review some of the reasons such as waste issues, over capacity of electricity in some regions of the country, and concerns about proliferation and safety. These barriers have not vanished but they have been reduced. But, today, the greatest barrier is the financing of the first new plant.

To have a new nuclear plant by 2010, the industry must encourage the government to take additional steps to mitigate financial risks. Driving forces such as environmental quality and energy independence require more aggressive short-term government investment to obtain the long-term benefits that nuclear energy provides. We can promote the development of positive public attitudes toward nuclear power by telling the facts and correcting misrepresentations.

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