Dr. Zheng Chang

2014 Fred C. Davison Distinguished Scientist Award

Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2014 Fred C. Davison Distinguished Scientist Award is Dr. Zheng Chang. He is Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Radiochemistry at South Carolina State University (SCSU).

A native of China, Dr. Chang received his BS and MS degrees from Lanzhou University in China; his PhD in Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan; and did postdoctoral work at Notre Dame University. He taught at his alma mater prior to obtaining his PhD.

Since coming to the United States, he has done research and taught at a number of different universities and laboratories, including Adjunct positions at Virginia Tech and Clemson University. He also worked as a Research Associate at Brookhaven National Laboratory for several years.

He started teaching at SCSU in 2006 and started the Radiochemistry program in Nuclear Engineering that same year. He collaborated with Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) and Clemson in developing the Radiochemistry program. He arranged for radiochemistry students to work at SRNL in the Analytical Development Department to provide them with real job conditions.

He has taught radiochemistry courses and stresses hands-on research by students with his supervision. An example of research with students occurred after the Fukushima accident: He helped students set up and measure radiation atop the tallest campus building. The measurements showed that not only the gaseous fission products, but also solid particles, were measured; the study was published in the journal Health Physics.

The program has been the most successful STEM program introduced at SCSU, graduating 13 students who have either obtained jobs or pursued graduate degrees in radiochemistry. Three of those students finished PhD studies and others have obtained MS degrees.

His collaborations include a research partnership with Dr. Miller in the Nuclear Engineering Department at the University of Tennessee on the development of borated polymers for neutron measurement in mixed gamma-neutron fields.

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