Dr. Bob Sindelar

2010 Fred C. Davison Distinguished Scientist Award

The Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2010 Fred C. Davison Distinguished Scientist Award is Dr. Robert L. Sindelar. He is a Senior Advisory Scientist in Materials Science and Technology in the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL), with 25 years experience at SRS. His contributions have been made in the following key nuclear technologies: structural integrity and life management/extension in systems for nuclear materials production; safe interim management of spent fuel; disposal waste forms for nuclear fuel; and a new initiative of strong interest on a national level - very long-term storage of commercial nuclear fuel. He is presently supporting tasks for the U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in this area. With the pending withdrawal of the license application for the repository at Yucca Mountain, the NRC solicited Dr. Sindelar for the task of performing an analysis of the potential issues associated with the technical bases for safe dry storage of high- and low-burnup commercial spent fuel for up to several hundred years. The results of this work are extremely important for the future of nuclear power generation, which is a leading option for replacing present facilities that emit greenhouse gases.

In addition, Bob is a highly regarded and frequent consultant to the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE), Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Section, in used-fuel management. He has developed bases for handling and storage of "degraded" research reactor spent fuel, key to the success of the Foreign Research Reactor Fuel Return program. He continues to lead and consult on programs for SRS and the DOE complex for Life Management of nuclear systems, structures, and components that include high level waste storage, nuclear materials separations facilities, and spent fuel storage. He leads SRNL work on the evolutionary track of the science-based approach for waste form development, testing, and qualification for alloy waste forms for commercial spent fuel under the DOE-NE, Fuel Cycle Research and Development program, Waste Forms Campaign.

Dr. Sindelar was honored at the CNTA's annual Edward Teller Lecture/Banquet on November 17.

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