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CNTA Mission



To provide education and information on:

  • Energy Sources
  • Medical Applications of Radiation
  • Industrial Applications, Including Food Irradiation
  • Nuclear Production Processes
  • National Security



CNTA serves to educate the public by providing objective information on the value of nuclear technology with respect to our health, economy, environment, and national security.


CNTA will become the recognized avenue for the collective engagement of its members in increasing the awareness and support of nuclear technology and its benefits to the public.


Through inclusiveness and engagement, the CNTA organization and its volunteers create an influential and credible voice to provide the public with factual, objective information on nuclear subjects. CNTA also provides for leadership/mentoring opportunities for its members' personal and professional growth.


The primary role of Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness (CNTA) is education. We provide factual, objective information on nuclear subjects for the public, teachers, students, public officials, and at public hearings. We do this to improve public knowledge on the real benefits and comparative risks of nuclear activities, including nuclear production of electricity, nuclear medicine, food irradiation, nuclear weapons production, and nuclear waste management.

Nuclear energy provides 20 percent of our nation's electricity safely and reliably. One in three Americans entering a hospital receives a procedure involving radiation ... most of which are potentially life-saving procedures. Unfortunately, a majority of Americans today do not realize the many positive advantages of nuclear energy - which is one reason CNTA was created.

In 1991, CNTA was formed as a non-profit, grass-roots citizens' organization. We are composed of individuals from all walks of life, including business and community leaders, elected officials, nuclear-related employees, and others. CNTA addresses stereotypes and misconceptions with facts derived from a variety of credible sources, including regulators, technical experts, universities, a host of independent researchers, and the considerable expertise within our membership. Through public forums, speeches and presentations, newspaper articles, editorial opinion pieces, and radio and television interviews, CNTA is active and visible in the debate about nuclear energy and in support of Savannah River Site missions.

CNTA sponsors the annual Edward Teller Lecture/Banquet, named for the famed nuclear pioneer who played a key role in the development of nuclear weapons during World War II and during the Cold War. Prestigious speakers nationwide have accepted invitations to speak at the Lecture. Some of those have included Secretary of Energy and Defense Dr. James Schlesinger, former Senate Majority and Reagan Chief of Staff Howard Baker, Senator Pete Dominici, and House Majority Whip James Clyburn.

In 1996, CNTA created the annual Distinguished Scientist Award, to recognize significant achievements in the area of nuclear science at SRS. The award is presented to a deserving scientist each year at the Teller Lecture.

In 2002, CNTA created the annual Robert Maher Scholarship Award, founded by Washington Savannah River Company, to recognize area students who are pursuing studies and careers in a nuclear field.

Our monthly membership breakfasts - known as "Up and Atom" breakfasts - feature speakers on nuclear topics and report on CNTA's activities. We also have a very active Speakers Bureau as part of our education outreach.

Reporters and elected officials recognize CNTA as an accessible and reliable source of factual information, and CNTA officials meet routinely with elected officials on the local, state, and federal level to discuss nuclear and SRS-related issues.

At CNTA, we are committed to being a credible, consistent voice on behalf of beneficial nuclear technologies and the Savannah River Site. We need your help to ensure that our voice is being heard. The future of our region and nation depends on all of us.

We invite you to join CNTA and make a difference.

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"On Being the Nuclear Voice: Effective Citizen Advocacy of Beneficial Nuclear Technologies"
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