Below are the many individuals, area business, and corporate sponsors who provided gifts used for the prize drawings!

  Outback Steakhouse - Contest & Personnel

Walt & Paula Joseph
Craig Williamson
Southside Gallery
Parsons Corp.
Floyd & Greene
B&W Technical Services
Frank Shallo
Wackenhut Services, Inc.
Wine World
Hunter Mortgage
URS Corp. Washington Division
T-Bonz Restaurant
Birds & Butterflies
Congressman Gresham Barrett
Midland Valley Country Club
Belle Meade Country Club
River Golf Club
Jones Creek Golf Club
Wife Saver
Up Your Alley
Casa Bella Restaurant
Doubletree Hotel
Bartlett Services
Johnson Motors - "Hole-in-One" Car

Harvard's Wine & Spirits
Papa Russ's BBQ
Outback Restaurant
Carrabbas Italian Grill
Energy Solutions
Washington Safety Management Solutions
Aiken Standard
Newberry Hall
Augusta Lynx
University of SC-Aiken
Mount Vintage Golf Club
Woodside Golf Club
Bartram Golf Club
Aiken Golf Club
Honey-Baked Ham
Northrop Grumman Corp.
Pizza Joint
Regal Cinemas
The Public House
Nuclear Fuel Services
Shaw AREVA MOX Services
Fluor Daniel Corp.


Thanks to our many volunteers and the players who continue to support CNTA!

  Mindy Mets - Chair of the Volunteers
Lyddie Hansen
Joe Kelley
Frank Heckendorn
Susan Wood
Kathryn Wade
Jimmy Winkler
Terry Kendrick
Outback Staff
Linda Chavers
Woody Ware
Joel Leopard
Kim Cauthen
Susan Cathey
Catherine Thomas
Debbie Wisham
Beth Thompson
Joyce Hopperton
Houndslake CC Staff


Special Thanks to our CNTA Golf Tournament Committee!

  Ron Schroder - Chair
Craig McMullin - B&W - Tournament Sponsor
Mindy Mets - V3 Technical
Mark Bolton - Wackenhut Services, Inc.
Donna Martin - Shaw AREVA MOX Services
Kathryn Wade - Gresham Barrett's Office
Lyddie Hansen - URS Washington Division
Mel Buckner - Consultant
Bruce Morson - AREVA


  B&W Technical Group
Energy Solutions
Nuclear Fuel Services
Wes Bryan Team
Ron Kuhn Team
Wackenhut Services, Inc.
A. J. Edwards & Sons
Bartlett Services
Concept HR
John Brown & Assoc.
Brent Boore Team
Mel Buckner Team
Shaw AREVA MOX Services, LLC
Security Federal Bank
Unitech Inc.
V3 Technical Services
Frank Shallo Team
Mal Collins Team
Thompson Team

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