M. Stan Morrow - Bio

Mr. Stan Morrow is founder of Hadron Technologies, Inc. - Hadron-SC and serves as Chief Technology Officer. Hadron develops and manufactures innovative microwave systems for a variety of aerospace, defense, industrial, and nuclear applications. Mr. Morrow pioneered microwave technology for the processing of metals, metal alloys, and advanced ceramic materials. He developed and co-patented the original process for melting metal using microwaves and went on to also develop patented processes for high temperature ceramic firing and other microwave applications. During his employment of 22 years with B&W Y-12, LLC, acting under contract with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), he developed the microwave melting furnace as an advanced method for the melting of metals and metallic alloys to be used today in the modernization factory at the DOE's Y-12 National Security Complexin Oak Ridge TN. He served on the Microwave Growth Board, member of ADAPT (Advanced Design and Production Technology), and Microwave and Ceramics Engineer Representative for the focus exchange, JOWOG-28 with the Atomic Weapons Establishment in England. Mr. Morrow is the inventor of numerous patents in the field of microwave processing technologies. He holds over 11 patents and has received the prestigious R&D 100 award from R&D Magazine and the Advanced Technology Award at the International Hall of Fame Awards in Atlanta GA. He has authored over 15 papers and publications in the field of microwave and ceramics technologies. He is a member of the World Congress Microwave Society, Materials Research Society, American Ceramics Society, and ASM.