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CNTA's Speakers' Bureau Topics

Shown below are current topics arranged by category.

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CNTA Overview and Mission
This presentation provides an overview of the history of CNTA including the current mission, including educational outreach activities, public involvement, and communications.

Savannah River Site History and Missions
This presentation gives an overview of the past and current missions of the Department of Energy (DOE) Savannah River Site (SRS). It also provides an outlook of the roles that the site could play in enhancing nuclear security and the development of nuclear energy technologies.

Radiation and Why it's Good for You
This presentation shows how radiation and radioactive materials are part of our everyday world and highlights the many technical advances and benefits that radioactive materials provide to our lives.

Savannah River National Laboratory
This lecture presents current environmental management support missions, current national and international missions, and future initiatives at the Laboratory.

SRS Nuclear Materials Management
This lecture will present various mission areas, including nuclear materials management, support for national security and nuclear non-proliferation, and legacy cleanup.

SRS Liquid Waste Missions
This lecture will present the current liquid waste cleanup mission and its many facets, to include future integration of the Salt Waste Processing Facility into operations.

Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility
This presentation provides an overview of the MOX mission including background on the project need, construction status, and future outlook.

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Click here for slides
This presentation provides an overview of the relationship between various energy sources and greenhouse gas generation, with a focus on the role nuclear energy plays in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. and globally.

Engineering Design, Licensing, Construction and Operation of Nuclear Power Reactors
This presentation discusses the regulations, technical requirements, and processes of the design, licensing, construction, and operation of nuclear power reactors.

Nuclear Safety

Risk (Real and Perceived)
This presentation explains the differences between real risks and perceived risks related to nuclear energy and nuclear power generation.

Nuclear Criticality Safety
This presentation discusses criticality safety at nuclear facilities, including criticality assessment, analysis, control, and prevention.

Radiation and Human Health
This presentation provides an overview of biological effects of ionizing radiation, as well as the relationship between radiation exposure and human health.

Nuclear Safety of Facilities at SRS
This presentation provides an overview of nuclear safety rules, policies, practices, and performance at the Savannah River Site.

Probabilistic Risk Assessment: What it is and How it Applies to Nuclear Facilities
This presentation provides a review of probabilistic risk assessment techniques and how the techniques are applied to assess potential risks at nuclear facilities.

Nuclear Security

History of Nuclear Science and Nuclear Security and Current Status of National Nuclear Security and Security Analysis
This presentation describes the history of nuclear science and nuclear security. It also provides an overview of the current status of national nuclear security and security analysis in the U.S.

Nuclear Security Culture and Nuclear Safety Culture
This presentation provides an overview of U. S. nuclear security culture and nuclear safety culture.

Waste Management

Spent Fuel Management
This presentation discusses the policies, regulations, and status of spent fuel management.

Nuclear Waste Management in the U.S.
This presentation provides an overview of nuclear waste management in the U.S., including high-level radioactive waste, spent fuel, low-level radioactive waste, and transuranic (TRU) waste.

Waste Forms for Radioactive Waste
This presentation shows how nuclear waste is immobilized using durable and robust materials to ready waste for safe and secure disposition.

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

Fukushima Accident and Environmental Cleanup
This presentation provides and overview of the Fukushima nuclear accident (event and causes) and current efforts in environmental remediation both on the reactor site and in the offsite communities.


Technical School Partnerships and Nuclear Fundamentals
This presentation provides an overview of the fundamentals of nuclear power and discusses partnerships between the Savannah River Site and local technical schools.

Engineering Pipeline Program
This presentation describes the Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS) Engineering Leadership Development Program (ELDP). The core of the program involves an investment in technical engineering and operational training, combined with a series of short-term projects in a variety of facilities and processes across the Savannah River Site.

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